Create a Whatsapp Account in 3 Simple Steps

Whatsapp Create an account

Create a whatsapp account without mobile

Hello friends, here we gonna see about the methods to create a Whatsapp account. Methods of creating Whatsapp account become simple and online whatsapp usage is easy and quick than using whatsapp on the phone. There are some cheat techniques to create a whatsapp account without any sim card and also the most wanted trick method of using dual whatsapp in the same mobile. Please follow this post regularly to get updates about it. Continue reading now.

Here we gonna tell you how to login to whatsapp using your mobile number. Most of the time we need to have the SIM card to create an whatsapp account, but not all the case. We will help you to install the whatsapp and create the whatsapp account without the need of the SIM card. Still you need a number. Because like the mail ID for facebook, here you have the mobile number as your unique identifier.

This process of creating  an whatsapp account might seen very complex task. But not. It’s very simple and we ll show you how exactly it is done.

First of all let’s divide the whole account creation process into two phase.

  • Create a whatsapp account through mobile
  • Create a whatsapp account through PC

Let me explain each of the phase in simple steps.

Create a whatsapp account through mobile:

  • Whatsapp create an account through mobile is the simple and easy process. Just follow the below steps and you will easily make it out quick.
  • First of all steps just download the whatsapp through the playstore. It’s simple.
  • After the installation you will be prompted to enter the phone number. Only using this your account can be identified.
  • Once you enter the number the OTP number to verify your identity will be sent to the number.
  • You need to give back the OTP to the application and verify yourself.

Now you have successfully Created the Account and connected to whatsapp. Lets now see the method of creating the whatsapp account through PC

Whatsapp Create an Account Online Desktop

  • Creating Whatsapp Account Using Phone Number Online PC
  • Firstly you need to download bluestacks or some emulator that gonna simulate the android mobile for you.
  • Then just install the whatsapp through the emulator.
  • Great now just follow the previously told steps. That would be good enough to get you whatsapp create an account

If you just skiped the whole part and want to involve in direct whatsapp account create then the link is here : Whatsapp Account Login

You can also use the phone without the sim card. Since the use of the Sim card is only the first time and it is only for getting the OTP. After that you can remove the sim and use the phone without the sim for whatsapp.

Hope you enjoyed the article. We will be regularly updating the article. Keep Reading..!!

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